Chrissie & Stevie Solo Exhibition

Definition of POP

Date: June 11th to July 23th 2022 (Every Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-19:00)

Venue:Dotard Village Gallery – Taipei


展期: 2022/06/11 – 2022/07/23 (每周二至周六 10:00 -19:00)       

地點:Dotard Village Gallery 糊塗里國際藝廊

洽詢電話:(02)2756 3200



Cosmic Cowboy一個來自英國的二人創作組合,用簡單的粗線條,搶眼的用色,以及一個個性格鮮明的角色,邀請你進入一個撼動墨守成規的新奇宇宙!

Cosmic Cowboy創作中,不可不認識的鮮活角色:

Vincent – 宇宙牛仔繆斯和叛逆者,也是一切開始的角色。他穿越宇宙的面孔、形狀、服裝,從成為Cowboy Vincent到倫敦的迪斯科警察,他一直在尋找通過最時髦的地方來解決“無聊” +CC宇宙中的朋友。

Little Red Riding Hood – 一個受童話角色啟發的壞蛋女孩,她愛惡作劇、不那麼容易上當受騙,這裡的Little Red Riding Hood掌握著自己的命運,是“可愛x心情”個性的典型代表。

Larry – 一隻有著貓的好奇頭腦的宇宙狗。牠愛和Vincent和Little Red Riding Hood一起出去玩,加入他們的宇宙冒險。牠可能有時喜怒無常,但你很快就會意識到態度是牠魅力的一部分。

延續後普普(Post POP Art)的反叛精神與商業語言,Chrissie和Stevie無論是揶揄或是挑戰社會現況,透過畫面的角色精準地擊中現代人的審美與精神狀態。在此領域最為人熟知的經典大師 凱斯·哈林(Keith Haring)、傑夫·昆斯(Jeff Koons),到Cosmic Cowboy,將再次翻新大眾藝術的感官體驗。



Cosmic Cowboy, a duo artist from the UK, uses simple thick lines, eye-catching colors, and characters with distinct personalities, inviting you to enter a novel universe that breaks the rule and shakes your world!

There are some vivid and charming characters in the creation of Cosmic Cowboy who must be known :

Vincent – The Cosmic Cowboy muse and the rebellious character who it all started with. He takes on many faces, shapes, outfits as he travels across the universe. From being Cowboy Vincent down under to a Disco Cop in London, he’s always looking for the antidote to ‘boring’ by finding the funkiest spots + friends in the CC universe.

Little Red Riding Hood – A badass girl inspired by the namesake character of the original fairytale. Our version is a bit more mischievous and a lot less gullible. CC’s Little Red Riding Hood is in control of her own destiny and is the poster child of the ‘cute x mood’ personality.

Larry – A cosmic dog with the curious mind of a cat. He loves hanging out with Vincent and Little Red Riding Hood, joining them on cosmic adventures whenever he can. He can be a handful (read: moody) but you’ll quickly realize that attitude is part of his charm.

Extending the rebellious spirit and commercial language of Post POP Art, whether Chrissie and Stevie are mocking or challenging the current social system, they accurately hit the spot of aesthetic and spiritual state of modern people, through these characters on canvas and screen. Mentioning the most well-known masters and classic pieces in this field, it usually goes to Keith Haring and Jeff Koons, and now we have Cosmic Cowboy. Bravo! – They shall definitely renew everyone’s experience of pop art.